How Does Manpower Supply Differ From Labour Supply?

Is a manpower supply company the same as a labour supply company? Why is Smooth called Smooth Manpower Services rather than Labor Supply Services? Even though manpower supply and labour supply are often used interchangeably, they have slightly different meanings.

Manpower supply refers to the availability and allocation of human resources or workforce that can be utilized to fulfill the requirements of an organization or project. This includes employees, contractors, and temporary workers who possess different skills and expertise.

Labour supply, on the other hand, refers specifically to the availability and allocation of manual or physical workers who engage in manual labour, such as construction workers, factory workers, and maintenance workers.

In summary, manpower supply encompasses a broader range of workers with varying skills and expertise, while labour supply focuses specifically on workers who engage in manual labour. Smooth is a manpower supply company that has a wide range of workflows, providing both white-collar and blue-collar manpower supply services. Smooth does C-level head hunting for specialists, scrutinizing the talents for direct recruitments, Payroll bureau services and outsourcing of workforce in case of white collar manpower supply services whereas in blue collar supply services, we provide workers for civil, MEP etc. We are UAE’s most trusted manpower solutions partner, combining excellence and cost competency with fast delivery capabilities.

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