Success Due to Empathy: Project Management Excellence of Smooth Manpower Service


Amidst the buzzing business environment in Dubai, ‘Smooth Manpower Service’, with its 1500 projects completed within two decades, makes a mark for itself as a leader par excellence in managing projects and understanding human resource orientation. Having more than 2000 employees and handling a project base of more than a hundred, the current status highlights the core value that led our way towards success – ’empathy’. This blog post reflects on how empathy became an essential aspect deeply embedded within our growth journey.

  1. Empathy Led Team Collaboration:

At Smooth Manpower Service, our operations are on a grand scale, necessitating outstanding collaboration. Our focus on empathy ensures that all individuals in our team feel appreciated, guaranteeing an effective teamwork attitude and efficient implementation of projects across our diversified portfolio.


  1. Leading Employee Engagement and Retention:

Our empathetic view has helped sustain high levels of employee engagement and retention, imperative when dealing with over 100 projects at any one time. We understand the emotional necessity of one’s surroundings to produce quality goods and services, and the need for a stable emotional workforce.


  1. Empathy in Client Interaction:

Our empathy extends to our relationships with clients. Understanding their needs and concerns has been instrumental in successfully delivering 1500 projects, leading to continuous customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  1. Innovation Through Empathy:

Our innovative solutions are the outcome of our empathetic understanding of market demands and challenges, helping us manage a large number of projects effectively.


  1. Establishing Reputation through Empathy:

Our empathetic human resource approach has provided us with a distinguished reputation among stakeholders, helping us attract top talent and have a positive impact on client acquisition and attraction in the competitive market.

Values have always been part of our activities at Smooth Manpower Service, but empathy hasn’t simply been a value; it has been the underpinning foundation of our operation strategy. It has played an integral role in managing not only our gigantic workforce but also an array of projects that have left us with astounding milestones in today’s dynamic world of business.

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